Marloekaki is a silk accessoires label based in The Netherlands. Founded end of 2018 by print & textile designer Ingrid van der Zalm. After graduating from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, direction fashion design, she gained experience as a print & product designer at several company’s in interior and fashion. Next to working as a designer, she always worked as an artist, creating imaginary worlds by drawing, printmaking and installations.

Marloekaki is Ingrid’s brainchild, where her dreamlike, intuitive universe is expressed on luxury silk squares, headbands and scrunchies.

The drawings are delicate, refined and with much attention and love for detail and colour, digitally printed by one of the leading, high quality digital textile printers in the world, based in The Netherlands.

Digital textile printing is one of the more environmentally aware processes compared to many of the other traditional printing and dyeing methods, mainly measured by the reduced amount of waste produced.

The silk squares are being finished by hand in an atelier in Amsterdam.

A Dutch product made with love!